Fish Tales Guide Service is a subsidiary of POSE LLC.  This Wyoming fishing guide service provides angling experiences to fishing enthusiasts on central Wyoming lakes and reservoirs, particularly in the Casper area. The primary waters fished are Alcova Reservoir and Pathfinder Reservoir.  Other outlying waters include Boysen Reservoir, Glendo Reservoir and Grayrocks Reservoir.We own Parker Outdoor Service Enterprises (POSE) LLC and its subsidiary Fish Tales Guide Service.

​Fish Tales Guide Service is a (multi-species) guide service.  We target several species other than just trout which are solely targeted by fly fishers and their guides.  When fishing Alcova and Pathfinder Reservoirs, we target walleye and trout.  The average size walleye would be around 16 inches long with trophy walleyes in the ten (10) pound, and up, category.  Twenty inch trout are common place.