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1) Dress appropriately and be prepared for adverse weather conditions.

2) Possess a valid Wyoming Fishing License.

3) Communicate concerns and desires to the guide.

4) Sign a Release of Liability Waiver.

5) Most importantly, have a rewarding and memorable fishing experience.

 Walleye Conservation Ethic:  Walleye populations in area waters are sustained via natural recruitment. Therefore, we respectfully ask that clients:  1) Harvest no more than six walleyes per client.  2) Female walleyes over 20 inches should be released if possible.  Catch a Trophy?  Your guide will assist in taking measurement and pictures so a replica can be made.

 Bruce Parker, Phone & Text:  (307) 262-5173   Email:

Wyoming charter fishing guide

Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

 -Author Unknown-

You may expect your guide to:

1) Be professional, knowledgeable and courteous. 

2) The guide will provide snacks, drink, and lunch (full day only).

3) Provide all the equipment needed for catching fish.

4) Provide all reasonable and required safety equipment.

5) Use sound judgement and not expose clients to unsafe conditions.  

    Children must wear life jackets while onboard.

6) Clean, process and package fish, if you so desire.

7) Assist you in making reservations and other accommodations.

8) Provide transportation as needed.